SB ENGINEERS is a partnership concern established in 2007. Two ambitious engineers, Mr. SURESH and Mr. BALAN realized the need of time and plunged into the manufacturing of Pressure Vessels, Pollution Control Equipments, Heat Exchanger machineries & related machineries and other products.

SB ENGINEERS manufacture and supplies heavy and critical equipment and other allied products to various organizations in different fields. The high quality and precision products of the company have helped to cater to prestigious customers like Atomic Energy & Nuclear Power Plants, Indian Space Research Organization, Railways, Petroleum, Petrochemicals, Chemicals and Textiles etc. The company believes in total customer satisfaction by providing superior quality products at reasonable prices. Each and every product manufactured passes stringent quality control tests and procedures. The Company consistently strives to improve upon quality of its products by utilising the most modern technology available & imparting training to the work force to upgrade their skills.

Our strength is customer need base manufacturing and ability to offer on site work. Our future goal is to optimize and to increase production capabilities by implementing best management practices and further expansion of manufacturing facilities & personnel in order to emerge in international market.

We must mention that a major credit of our success goes to Company Employees as our customers appreciated our potential and encouraged us to manufacture equipments for their franchisees. We now offer machines of various capacities and variety of applications with enhanced performance.

We constantly keep track of the continuously changing business environment and consequently the changes in customer needs. Our research centers allow us to make informed decisions and employ techniques that help us increase overall efficiency.